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Martin Luther And The Catholic Church

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❶Through this it shows he is a man of intelligence, determination, also integrity. At school and university it was not much better.

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Research Paper on Martin Luther King
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By this Blacks became unafraid of white and helped them get there desegregation. Martin showed his integrity by taking responsibility for his actions, shown by him going to jail and by him being beat up or even killed. This man inspires confidence in others because he can be trusted to do what he says he will do.

King says he will fight until freedom rings that means that he will fight till freedom rings, in which he did. He showed the most integrity when he was killed. He showed that he would give is life to have desegregation and to have his people have their freedom from all whites. All of these demonstrations show that he is the greatest leader of all time. He changed America, he changed segregation, he changed the way people think of people. All of his great qualities came in handy for him to be this great leader.

To be remembered as a great man and leader ever to live and die doing what he believed in, and what he thought was right. King was a great leader. He is a man that will never be forgotten. This is because of all the good things that he has done for America and and the Black population. Know one will ever for get this man because of his hard work, determination, loyalty to his people, is loyalty to his work, the trust people shared in him, How intelligent he was to make the right decision on his movements and speeches.

Martin Luther King is a very inspiring individual, a man that will show you what is right and how it is going to be when all is over. He is the kind of man that will show you his dreams, and show you how he is feeling.

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As professor of biblical exegesis at Wittenberg , he began to preach the doctrine of salvation by faith rather than works; and on 31 October drew up a list of 95 theses on indulgences denying the pope any right to forgive sins, and nailed them on the church door at Wittenberg. These decisions turned him against major tenets of the Catholic Church.

Tetzel retreated from Saxony to Frankfurt-an-der-Oder, where he published a set of counter-theses and burnt Luther's. The Wittenberg students retaliated by burning Tetzel's, and in Melanchthon joined Luther in his views. Distributing his theses in German, Luther's spirited defense and further development of his position through public university debates in Wittenberg and other cities resulted in an investigation by the Roman Curia. As the Pope and his subservient evaluated Luther's thesis, they became enraged at his imposing views, since Luther attacked the papal system.

This hearing and some bold decision and audacious acts transpired by Martin soon led to a prolonged condemnation in the 's, and a swift excommunication a year later. Returning to Wittenberg, his main base of operations, he gathered a small congregation and taught his findings in their midst. Banned from many other countries because of his teachings and exploitations, Luther was a strong man. Not only did he challenge the system as a whole, he faced every theologian willing to debate with hem, and though never willing their hearts, he gained their respect.

In the midst of his struggles, he married Katharina von Boraand led a dutiful life. After his basic theologies were written in some earlier books To the Christian Nobility, ; The Babylonian Captivity of the Church, ; and more , he published his most popular book, the Small Catechism, in Roaming from city to city, he expanded his teachings.

During these times, he created his group entitled Lutheranism, streaming straight from the Bible and into the hearts of many. By , Luther's time was at an end. His health had slowly declined, and he had taken many strides to convert others' philosophy of Christ.

Finally ending the good fight for faith, Luther died a restful and steadfast death in Eisleben on February 18, , and was buried at Wittenberg. A creature gifted with incredible intelligence, energy, and loyalty, he was a spiritual giant. His philosophical intuitions helped others much like Jesus'. I perceived Martin Luther as an incredible apostle. Martin Luther dealt the symbolic blow that began the Reformation when he nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church.

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Research Paper on Martin Luther Type of paper: Research Papers Subject: History Words: We learn the history of the theology and religion at different stages of our lives and very often do not pay significant attention to the people who lied the foundation of modern believes and concepts.

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Martin Luther and Faith research papers focus on defining faith, illustrating how faith interplays with salvation and what exactly Luther taught about salvation. This is a topic suggestion on Martin Luther and Faith from Paper Masters.

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Martin Luther Research Paper This sample Martin Luther Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. Free research papers are not written by our writers, they are contributed by users, so we are not responsible for . Research Paper on Martin Luther King February 19, writer Research Papers 0 Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, – April 4, ) was an American Baptist minister and civil rights activist.

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- Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr Martin Luther King, Jr. was born January 15th, , in Atlanta Georgia. His parents are Martin Luther King, Alberta Williams King. . He hits every aspect of a not good but great leader. Your forever Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You can order a custom essay, research paper, term paper, thesis or dissertation on Martin Luther King from our professional custom paper writing service which provides students with high-quality custom written papers on any topics.